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Klonopin for Social Anxiety: Dosage, Interactions, and Adverse Effects

klonopin social anxiety disorderI became very tolerant to xanax and it became a problem because I had to take more because it wears off so fast. I was a Heroin user and have been abstained for nearly 10yrs. Has a very long half life and will come on slower but last way longer than others like xanax or Ativan witch hit you FAST but leave social leaving you with wanting another dose quicker witch in my opinion sucks. Nothing worked absolutely nothing besides benzodiazepines. I had lost the will to live. And you can actually feel your trouble melt away and your anxiety. Please be careful and learn about your medications before you start them, klonopin social anxiety disorder. Klonopin doesn't do that so it really helps people that suffer disorder panic anxiety, klonopin social anxiety disorder. Klonopin in my opinion works the best out of the benzo family. Well, doctor gave me 1mg of klonopin, and it anxiety within 30 minutes give full relief and no horrible pains!!! After years of reaching out I accomplished the anomaly, I was put back on. After 1 week in a Hospital with every GI test, found that my emotions hit dead square in my stomach.

Social Anxiety Disorder - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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